Club Repair

Are your grips becoming worn out? 

No problem!

At York Indoor Golf & Training Center, we offer basic club repair from replacing grips. We have the ability to order any particular grip you might want from all the major companies that include:


Golf Pride



Winn Grips

and more!

Have your own grips? No problem, we just charge $3/club for installation
For more extensive club repair (i.e. reshafting, shaft alignment, loft/lie adjustments, etc.) your club/s will be sent over to our Lancaster facility to be repaired. Please see the pricing list below:

Standard Shaft Services: Reshafting and/or Installation

  • Per Club Reshaft ($35)includes broken shaft removal / adapter save for reshaft club only. Add +$7 for SuperStroke putter grip save
  • Per Club ($20)Re-epoxy head only – provide secondary club for swingweight/length/loft/lie accuracy

Other Shaft Services:

  • Broken Shaft Removal ($20)
  • Standard Disassembly ($20)
  • Save OEM Adapter ($20)Does Not include specialized replacement ferrule where needed

Shaft Alignment:

  • Per Club FLO ($15)manual alignment (NOT SST pure – see below)
  • Tip/Butt trim and Prep ($10)on new or used shafts if not being installed during reshaft


Club Lengths:

  • Lengthen shaft (up to 1″) ($10)Does Not include grip save


Bend Loft/Lie*

  • Per Club ($10)Minimum $30 per appointment for check/bend


Puring per shaft**

  • With select shaft purchase, at time of purchase ($25)
  • Provided shaft/Non-select shaft/Cut Shaft ($50)
  • Full club disassemble/re-assemble/PURE ($70)

**SST Pure services are sent out. May take up to 7 business days.

*Club owner assumes responsibility and neither club builder nor the drop off location are liable for breakage during loft/lie changes. Every effort is put forth to inspect for potential damage prior to bending, as well as minimize tool or machine marks from the process

Have questions or would like to setup a repair?

Please fill out the contact form below and our club repair specialist, Chris Embardino, will get back to you as soon as possible.