Frequent Player Program/Card 

Introducing our Frequent Player Program/Card!

Every 30 Minutes, Get a Punch!

Every 5 Hours Completed, Receive a FREE 1-Hour Simulator Voucher!!

How it Works:

  • Cost: FREE
  • Additional Cards: FREE upon completing the previous card
  • Card Usage: Must be presented for punches at the time of payment (Each hole equals 30 minutes of play)


  • Completion Reward: After 5 Hours of play at regular rates you will receive a 1-Hour Simulator Voucher (valued at $40)
  • New Card: Upon completion of the card, a new card can be obtained


  • No Cash Value: The 1-Hour Simulator Voucher holds a $40 value but cannot be redeemed for cash, MUST be used towards simulator time
  • Single Redemption: Only one card per person can be active at any given time. Partially punched cards cannot be combined.
  • Non-Combining: Card cannot be combined with any other offers (i.e. Gift Certificates/Vouchers, LocalFlavor, Simulator Bundles, etc.)

Enjoy your game, and let the punching begin!!